Home Games How to Play League of Legends – Choosing Game Play, Character, Strategies etc

How to Play League of Legends – Choosing Game Play, Character, Strategies etc

How to Play League of Legends – Choosing Game Play, Character, Strategies etc

Here we are providing steps and tips for how to play league of legends game. We are providing steps for choosing your gameplay, choosing your character and beginning to strategize.

How to play league of legends

How To Play League of Legends & Choosing Your Game Play

Play PvP

In League of Legends game type, all champions are played by actual players. There are different game modes available in this game:

  • Classic – This mode allows the players to work to destroy the enemy’s Nexus
  • Dominion – In this game mode, the point of the game becomes about taking control of a number of capture locations.
  • ARAM – In this game mode all the players are chosen random, and all players to fight together in the central lane.

Play Co-op vs. AI

In this game, you will play on a team with other player characters against computer-controlled opponents. This game type is only available in classic mode.

Play A Custom Game

In this game type, you can choose the number of players and you can protect your gameplay with password protected. The opposing team can either be bots or other players.

Choose The Map

This choosing the map means choosing what environment you wish to play. This also affects how many players will be on a team and what game types are available. You can choose whatever map fits your criteria.

Choose A Game Type

The choosing of a game type determines how the champions are chosen. In blind pick, players cannot see which champions have been chosen. In draft pick, players take turns banning the use of and then selecting certain champions.

Invite Your Friends

You can play this game along with your friends in any game type. Simply select “I will invite my own teammates” which is on the bottom right corner after choosing the last option.

Use Riot Points

Riot points are purchased with real money and viewed at top right of the screen next to your name. These points are used to buy new champions new appearances or skins for your champions, or boots

Use Influence Points

The influence points are the other type of in-game currency, except that they are earned by playing games. These points can be used to permanently unlock champions, purchase additional Rune pages, or purchase Runes. It is suggested you don’t need to build any runes till you have unlocked several champions due to high costs. If you must buy runes for any reason, then start with level 1 rune.

Choosing a Character

Choose a Character

After joining a match you need to choose your champion. The character you choose is very important, so don’t choose one because they are cool. Choose a character based on how you play beast and what your team needs. There are many roles of character, some of them are:

  • Tanks are champions who are with high health and magic resistance, they generally be on the front lines. The tanks deal low damage but aid their team by drawing the attention of enemy’s.
  • Fighters who are similar to tanks but deal more damage. Their usual purpose is to backup weaker champions.
  • Marksmen are relatively weak champions, in terms of defence, but they do great long range attacks. They frequently target for the enemy, so they will likely need to be protected. Mages are similar to marksmen.
  • There are support champions who are there to help any member of their team who needs help. They have an ability to shield or heal their allies.
  • Assassins are champions who cause a high damage in short bursts. They focus on killing enemies quickly and remaining hidden between kills.

Pay Attention to Character Attributes

The attributes determine the effectiveness of the armor, the amount of health your champion has, and the amount of magical power that they can draw from. Each character of the game has a main attribute which determines how they play.

  • Attack power determines how much damage a champion can do with basic attacks
  • Defense power attribute determines characteristics like champions armor level and make them hard to damage.
  • Ability power determines how often a champion can use their abilities.

Purchase Items

When you enter the map, you will be placed next to store, to buy some items. There you can buy consumables, armaments to protect yourself with, items which fortify your attributes, and magical items.

The type of o items you buy depends on what your champion’s strengths are

  • Marksmen look at Damage items or items with attack damage, attack speed, armor penetration or critical strike chance.
  • Fighter and assassins also consider building AD, building items with defensive stats, like magic resist, health, or armor.
  • Tank builds are similar to marksmen except of damage items, magic items or items with mana, mana regen, ability power or magic penetration, are the priority.
  • Junglers to make sure they build a jungler item, such as Skirmisher’s Sabre, Tracker’s Knife, or Stalker’s Blade first.
  • Supporters need to have a Relic Shield with then at the start of the game.

Beginning To Strategize

Choose Strategy To Win

There are 3 main roadways on the classic Summoner’s Rift map. These are called lanes. During the game, you and your enemies are largely positioned in lanes, in varying numbers, where you will fight for control in order to reach and destroy each other’s nexus and turrets.

To know what type of champions to select for each role, there are “meta” choices that govern what champion type goes.

  • Tanks and fighters are usually played in the top lane.
  • Mages and assassins are played for mid-laners
  • Champions who are good wave clear and have gap-closers are played in the jungle.
  • Marksmen and supports play in bottom lane.

Work With Your Teammates

During the game play wok with your teammates to slowly kill the nemy. The goal is not to kill them, but to destroy their turrets and enemy minions and turrets, protecting you from damage.

  • Stay behind the minions as they are your line of defense.
  • Minions will spawn for every 30 seconds

Win by Destroying Enemy Turrets and Nexus

The game is won by destroying enemy’s main structure, Nexus. The Nexus is located on the opposite side of the amp from where you begin. You can progress your way by destroying the intervening turrets that block your progress. Of course, the enemy team will be trying to destroy your turrets. Protect your Turrets.

Destroy Enemy Inhibitors

Once you destroyed 3 enemy turrets in one lane, you can destroy one of their inhibitors the same way. The inhibitors will not attack back. Once you have destroyed one, you will spawn waves of super minions. These minions are stronger than normal minions and have increased health. Use them to destroy and to distract the enemy base turrets and their Nexus.

Attack The Enemy

In the game you will be dealing with enemy minions but you will also fight enemy champions and turrets. Attack the enemy and remember your focus on getting the Turrets. Take your own time and make smart kills.

  • By right clicking on enemies it performs basic attacks.
  • Use advance abilities over the course of the game. Abilities will be different for every character. They are assigned to keys Q-R. Experiment with abilities and find the best ways to use them.

Make Sure To Get The Last Hit

The last hit is very important part of playing this game. Only the player gets the last hit on an enemy or turret gets gold. You are getting the last hit if your character is one that benefits from gold. Timing last hit is a learned skill.

Don’t Forget About Baron Nashor And The Jungle Monsters

Make sure you don’t forget the neutral monsters in the jungles between the lanes that will attack you. There also the monster baron Nashor who lurkes the lanes. This monster is powerful and causes a high amount of damage buy killing him will give you several worthwhile rewards. Never take this enemy on alone.

Heal Yourself to Stay Alive

Your health in the game is represented by the green bar which is present on the left as well as above your character. The easy way to heal yourself is by returning to base, which is done by pressing the “B” key. You can buy high potions, which are only helpful at the beginning of the game. Sometimes supporting characters can help with keeping you alive as well.

Stay Alive

The goal in this game is to get most kills, but rather to stay alive, this requires skill and patience. Dying is punished, as you will be missing out on experience and gold. Your teammates are going to take serious damage while they wait for you.

View Your Results

When the game is finished you will be seen results screen. Here you can see every player’s deaths/kills/assists during the gameplay, as well as items purchased and minion kill amount. If you look at header you will see the amount of experience you gained and the amount of influence you gained. The more experience you gain, the more levels your summoner account will gain, and allow you to gain points in your masteries and more rune pages. The experience gives you is more options for summoner spells.

This is all about League of Legends game. We will update the further information about the League of Legends game as soon as possible. If you like this post please share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp and Pinterest. Thank you for visiting our site.


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