Home Games League of Legends Guide – Game Types, Maps, Champions Types, Game Modes etc

League of Legends Guide – Game Types, Maps, Champions Types, Game Modes etc

League of Legends Guide – Game Types, Maps, Champions Types, Game Modes etc

League of Legends Complete Wiki Guide: Hi guys… Welcome to our website. Do you know league of legends game? Want to know complete wiki details of league of legends and how to play league of legends game? If your answers to these questions are yes, then follow this article. Here in this article, we are providing you complete wiki info on League of Legends game.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is also abbreviated as LoL. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. This game was developed by Riot Games. The game is available for Microsoft windows and Mac OS users. The designers of this game are Christina Norman, Rob Garrett and Steve Feak. The game comes under the genre multiplayer online battle arena. It is a multiplayer mode game. This game is based on the popular game Warcraft III mod defence of the ancients. The League of Legends game was released on 27 October, 2009.

The game is followed by freemium model and is supported by microtransactions. In this game players assume the role of an unseen summoner who controls a champion with unique abilities and conflicts against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions. The goal of the game is to usually destroy the opposing team’s nexus, a structure which lies at heart of a base protected by defensive structures. There are also other games modes exist.

League of Legends Game Play

League of Legends is a most popular PC video game. It is a 3D third-person multiplayer online battle arena game. The gameplay consists of three game modes: Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss. The players compete in matches for an average of 20 to 60 minutes. In each mode of the game teams work together to achieve victory, by destroying the nexus in the enemy team’s base after bypassing a line of defensive structures called turrets or towers.

Key features

  • Giant Online Community –It is a very large, active community that follows each patch, the competitive scene, and Riot Games itself. The game reaches over 100M monthly active users worldwide.
  • Solid Visual Experience – The game has polished traditional MOBA experience with solid graphics and great music.
  • Awesome Character Variety – There are over 120 playable champions, each with numerous skins.
  • Competitive Ladder System – This system is rewarding ranked experience. Players are given ranked rewards at the end of every season (yearly).
  • Player Customization – There is a unique runes and masteries system which allows players to customize their stats to a degree.

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League of Legends Game Maps

League of Legends game has three main maps. Each map of the game has different terrain, victory conditions and objectives, as well as varied summoner spells and items. The game maps are as follows:

  • Summoner’s Rift
  • Twisted Treeline
  • Howling Abyss

Summoner’s Rift

Summoner’s Rift is one of the most popular maps in League of Legends game. On this map two teams of 5 players compete to destroy an enemy building called nexus. Nexus is located in each enemy base on opposite sides of the map. The nexus advance toward the enemy base along with 3 lanes: top, middle and bottom.

Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline is another map of League of Legends game. In this map two teams of three players compete to destroy the nexus. It is similar to Summoner’s rift but smaller to account of three vs. three rather than five vs. five. This map has only 2 lanes and 2 inhibitors, with the jungle in between.

Howling Abyss

Howling Abyss is the last map in the League of Legends game. This map is used for “ARAM” (All Random All Mid) matches, and this map is five vs. five. The difference between this map and other maps is that there is only a single narrow line between lane of Turrets and an inhibitor. This map focuses exclusively on large team-fights in the single middle lane. This map was launched as an official mode in September 2013.

Game Types

The league of legends game includes several game types:

  • Tutorial: This is the first game type available for new players
  • Co-op Vs. AI: This is available to new players after completing or opting of Tutorial type
  • Normal Matchmaking: it uses an automated matchmaking system to pair teams of similarly-skilled players against one another.
  • Ranked Matchmaking: It is available to players upon reaching account level 30. It uses a similar system as Normal Matchmaking
  • Custom Games: This allows players to play any map with any combination of player or AI teammates and opponents.

League of Legends Champions Types

In league of legends at present, there are 138 champions. The latest champion is “Ornn, the Fire below the Mountain”. The game divides its champion types into a number of ways. The most salient difference is the type of damage a champion deals. some champions deal largely physical damage, other champions deal largely magic damage, which is resisted by the magic resistance stat, Some champions called hybrids, who deal a combination of both physical and magical damage. Riot Games has classified all champions as one of six types to aid beginners. They are Marksman, Mage, Slayer, Tank, Fighter and controller.

The champion classes generally determine which part of the map the champion gravitates during the game. A marksman usually goes to the bottom lane along with a controller or tank. A mage, Disruptor or Assassin usually go to the middle lane.

Special Game Modes

Riot Games have released a number of special limited-time game modes. These special game modes are accessible for 2 weeks. In 2016, Riot announced “Rotating Games Mode” which would be a recurring event. The current game modes in the rotation are as follows:

  • Ascension: It is a 5v5 mode in which champions do battle on a modified Crystal Scar.
  • Hexakill: It is a 6v6 mode on the Twisted Treeline.
  • One for All: It is a 5v5 mode on the Summoner’s Rift.
  • Nemesis Draft: It is 5v5 mode on the Summoner’s Rift
  • Nexus Siege: It is a 5v5 mode on the Summoner’s Rif
  • Legend of the Poro King: It is a 5v5 mode on the Howling Abyss
  • Doom Bots of Doom: It is a mode on the Summoner’s Rift.
  • Hunt of the Blood Moon: It is a 5v5 mode on the Summoner’s Rift


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