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If you are a Football fan and like playing Dream league Soccer game, then this post helps you. At present in this article we are providing complete details on How to Download Dream League Soccer APK 4.15 with Team wise LOGOS + KITS URLs. You can download APK file from this link.


Download: DLS (DLS) APK + Mod + Obb Data File

Dream League Soccer Logos

Here we are sharing a few logos for those looking for Dream League Soccer logos. These logos are all original design. DLS Logos URLs are saved in the form of 512×512 size image file. Dream League Soccer logos should be installed in this game.

If you download the various logos for football club teams and then load them into the DLS, you can now see the logos of all teams in their original form.

Free download Dream League Soccer Logos

Dream League Soccer Kits

Fans of football game Dream League Soccer, now you can download the latest kits and logos for your DSL team. Dream League Soccer is a game in which the device is produced by First Touch Games Ltd.

It became popular among football games played on smartphones. Besides its football, what makes people like the game is the player can change the setting for the logo and jersey’s with own choice.

Here is a list of the football club that you can choose. Also get the Dream League Soccer Kits URLs for all team.

Premier League (England)

DLS Arsenal Kits URL

DLS Chelsea Kits URL

DLS Liverpool Kits URL

DLS Manchester City Kits URL

DLS Manchester United Kits URL

DLS Tottenham Hotspur Kits URL

DLS West Ham United Kits URL

DLS Atletico Madrid Kits URL

DLS Barcelona Kits URL

DLS Real Madrid Kits URL

Bundesliga (Germany)

DLS Bayern Munich Kits URL

DLS Borussia Dortmund Kits URL

Seria (Italy)

DLS AC Milan Kits URL

DLS AS Roma Kits URL

DLS Inter Milan Kits URL

DLS Juventus Kits URL

Malaysian Super League

  • Selangor
  • Pahang FC
  • Kelantan
  • Johor Darul Takzim
  • Felda United
  • Kedah
  • Perak
  • Sarawak
  • Terengganu

Other Leagues

DLS AS Monaco Kits URLs

DLS Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) URLs

National Teams

DLS Argentina Kits URLs

DLS Australia Kits URLs 

DLS Brazil Kits URLs

England Kits URLs

France Kits URLs

Germany Kits URLs

Italy Kits URLs

Mexico Kits URLs

Netherlands Kits URLs

Portugal Kits URLs

Russia Kits URLs

Spain Kits URLs

How to Build a DLS Team

You can build your own team and can customize your players by creating kits to use them at the time of playing matches with your competitors. There are some important things which you have to keep in mind in order to perform well and win the matches. The things are listed below

  • Manage your Dream team
  • Realistic New gameplay
  • Go Global

Manage Your Dream Team

You can manage your dream team according to your own wish and you need to sign the best super players: Diego Costa, Aaron Ramsey and others in order to create your own dream team to play according to you and can won the match. You can also choose your own formation style and act accordingly. Therefore you need to perform in the six leagues and compete with the best and prestigious upper division of players and the you need to design the strategy in a way that you can won the matches and to easily won the match successfully. You need to make sure that players can perform well according to your strategy and you should make the best strategy which helps you in winning the football matches.

Realistic New Game Play

You need to prepare yourself and your team as well in order to act wisely and smartly. You have to make the tactics for winning all the challenges and you need to prepare your team in such a way that you can beat your competitors. This version of the game comes with brand new visuals, the animations that are realistic in nature and the 60 FPS dynamic game play which works on the compatible devices only. Thus, this game is considered as one of the best game and the perfect dream league soccer package which shows the beauty of the game and the better experience of game play for you and for those who plays it for first time.

Go Global

As you can play Dream league Soccer game online you can put your teams against the one of the best teams of the world. So you can play the way which gives the proof that your team is the best and the greatest team according to others.

Thus by keeping in mind these things you can help your players at the time of playing the match and selecting the team for yourselves in choosing the best players for your team who plays well and make your team the winning team. You can make all changes and build your team very wisely which helps you to play the proper game and you need to make the strategies in such a way that it will help the players to play the game and win all the six leagues that are assigned to you.

Important Things to Remember

Apart from the above discussed things regarding Dream League Soccer APK 4.15, there are some important things that you need to remember in order to play a good game without any queries and without any confusion at the time of playing the game. So you need to make sure that you can read these important points carefully and thoroughly so you will get to know the exact things that you have to do in the game.  Now take a look on the following important points that you should remember in your mind.

  • The Dream League Soccer APK 4.15 is a game to play for free. There is no need to pay any amount to download and install the game, but there are some additional charges to pay but they are not compulsory. You can pay on your wish if you want any in game item or if you want to remove ads from the game then you have to pay money .
  • You can gain coins in the game at the time of playing the game or by watching videos. You can also buy coins which come in different packages and they are ranging from $ 1.99 to $ 19.99.
  • You must know that this app uses the Wi-Fi or mobile data to download the game content and its advertisements. You can even disable mobile data of your phone on the game by going through the settings of your mobile data.
  • The app contains the advertising of third parties. If you want to disable the advertising part, then you have to purchase the in game currency from the shop of the game and for that you need to use your real money. It is optional and the users can buy according to your choice.

So these are the important things that you have to keep in mind while playing the Dream league Soccer APK 4.15. By keeping these things you can play the game without any confusion.



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