Where to Buy, Sell and Trade Rocket League Items

Find out which marketplace suits you most. Learn what are best places to securely trade Rocket League Items, including Crates, Exotic Wheels, Keys, Decals and etc.

Rocket League Items

About Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most popular online video game and it is superbly rich franchise of high-octane action and this game is the god of all sports, football. This game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox and is one of the highest selling online games today.

The popularity of the game precedes it as millions across the world play this fun mix of cars and sports that mesh onto one obscenely entertaining and fun game, easily becoming one of the games that has defined the palette of this gaming generation and it will influence future ones at that.

Many people play Rocket League for many different reasons like esports glory, casual stress relief, and much like Team Fortress 2 and a lot of people play this game for hats. Yes, hats on cars which game could be better.

Rocket League Items

Rocket League items are huge in the gaming market due to the rarity of some items and serve as status symbols of sorts, indicating what level of awesome a player is currently at. This game is swagger and nothing more. Many people like swagger and besides those items such as Rocket League painted items and decals can just be fun customization for your car, and opens a whole different level of entertainment.

But the point of contention for everyone is to be able to acquire achievement-related gear through the certified items of Rocket league. These items of the game show off how well you have done certain things in your game. For eg., the crazy good wizard hat that shows off your penchant for taking long distance shots and actually succeeding.

In Rocket League with the recent addition of player trading the game has finally been able to find a solution for all the excess Rocket League common items, along with the rare ones, that players have been amassing since the game was released. In fact, tons of people have been taking advantage of Rocket League trading and exchange. There is no better time to barter and trade for these wonderful vanity pieces.

The game has certainly opened the doors to a world-wide Rocket league trading pandemic and people are scrambling all over to get the best deals for their game items or their most vaunted prize. The item trading has only made Rocket League as a whole better game.

Where to Buy Rocket League Items

You can buy extremely cheap Rocket League items at best marketplace suits you most and also sell your own rocket league items for good prices.

Where to Sell Rocket League Items

You can sell Rocket League items on online protected Rocket League Official Website, but given the nature of the trading system inside this game, we encourage you to follow the steps below after your listing has sold:

1. You will have to exchange Xbox, Playstation, or Steam names in the order comments after your item is purchased and coordinate a time when you are both online.

2. Add the buyer as a friend and then join a party with them when you are both online.

  • Take a screenshot of the Lobby showing you in the party with the buyer.

3. Once in-game, open up the trade interface with the buyer and place the item that was sold into the trade window for the buyer to accept.

  • Take a screenshot of the open trade offer window showing the item that the buyer purchased in the trade offer window.
  • Take a screenshot of the trade confirmation screen.

If any issues arise the buyer will place a hold on the purchase. You will be notified of this status change by an email and in-app notification.

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