Premier League Stoke City Team New Jersey’s

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In our previous articles we have provided about many teams of Premier League. Now here in this post we are providing Premier League Stoke city team latest jersey’s. If you are a follower of Premier League and looking for Stoke City team latest kits then checkout this article.

Stoke City Team

Premier League is one of the top league’s of football. This league is conducted every year and 20 teams participate in the league for every season. The Premier League will release the latest kits of its teams before the Premier League schedule starts. The followers of Premier League are in an excitement to know the latest kits of their favorite teams. Here we are providing Premier League Stoke City team home, away and third kits.

Stoke City team is one of the best teams of Premier League. The full name of this football club is Stoke City Football Club. This football club was founded in 1863. The nick names of this football club are The Potters. The short name of this team is SCFC. This is a professional football club based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England and this football club plays in the Premier League, which is the top flight of English Football. Earlier in 1863 this club is founded as Stoke Ramblers and later in 1878 the name of the club is changed as Stoke and again in 1925 it is renamed as Stoke-Torent was granted city status. The current stadium of this football club is bet365 Stadium.

Premier League Stoke City Team Kits

Now here we are providing details of Premier League Stoke City home, away and third kits.

Stoke City Home Kit

The Premier League Stoke City team has released its latest home kit. The color of the home kit is red and white color.

The home kit of this team is an uninspiring release from Stoke City. This new home kit offers very little outside of the now customary annual change in the order of the stripes.

Stoke City 2017-18 Home Kit
Stoke City Home Kit

The sponsor Macron now designed the Stoke city team’s kits but the front side of the latest home kit is a very close copy to the adidas design from 2013-14.

There is one slight addition compared to previous season’s home kit is though with an increase in subtle blue trim along with a shoulder sponsor.

Stoke City Away Kit

The Premier League Stoke City has released the latest away kit and the color of the new away kit is blue color.

The last two season’s away kit of Stoke city is blue color and has been really smart releases, but the latest away kit is a bit of a let down.

Stoke City 17-18 Away Kit
Stoke City Away Kit

The sponsors Macron to their credit have decided on an attractive shade of blue color for the release but the inclusion of the red and white stripes across the chest comes across a bit messy.

The socks of the away kit also suffer from the same problem, with the shorts the only respect the only aspect of the kit not blighted by the red and white spoiler.

Stoke City Third Kit

The Premier League Stoke City has released its latest third kit and the color of the kit is white in color.

Apart from many commercial figures, little thought has gone into Stoke city’s third kit switch the blue and white colors around.

Stoke City Third Kit 17-18
Stoke City Third Kit

The third kit is not just a kit but it is just a white third shirt that wil be worn with the away kit’s blue shorts and socks.

Macron is not even trying and even Xherdan Shaqiri looks less than impressed.

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