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How to Select Dream League Soccer Logos | Kits | Teams | Players

The Dream League Soccer Kits and Logos help you to change the logo and kits they want to prefer for their DLS Team. If you are searching for How to Select Dream League Soccer Logos, Kits, Teams, Players then this article helps you.

About Dream League Soccer

Dream League has received a very good response since its release. It has over 50 million downloads on the Google play store alone, and has a Google play store review average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. In 2016, it was nominated as one of the best games in the Google play store.

Dream League Soccer Logos

Logos are the symbols of your Dream League Team. This indicates that every DLS Team have the specific logo. From that you can easily find out which symbol is related to which country and which team.

How to select the logos in the Dream League Soccer

You have to click on the “ENTER URL” option as LOGO 512×512 and click on the “images” option after typing the above keyword in the “enter Url option box”.

After that, you will get the many images of different logos.from that, you can select any one of them.after clicking on the image of your smartphone screen the logo will come outside from among the logos.

Then you get the six options they are as follows

  • save image
  • open image
  • open image in new tab
  • search google for this image
  • copy image
  • copy image URL.

You have to click on the open image option from the above six options.then you get the logo whatever you chose from the group of logos.and the data will be customized or downloading the coming of the future logo will be shown on your smart phone screen then the success option is visible to you now you can successfully select the logo of your team.

Dream League Soccer Kits

Kit described as shoes, dress,etc.. It has many jerseys and this kit playing the major role to attract the players to play Dream League Soccer Game. In this DLS Game, you had so many jerseys, shoes so from that you can select any kind of kit according to your team.

How To Select Kit In The Dream League Soccer Kit

Initially, you have to open the application of dream league soccer and then you will get an option, customize that is “TEAM MANAGEMENT” option.

Then you have to click on that option then you will get some more options they are

  • statistics
  • customize
  • objectives
  • training.

From the above options, you should select “customize option”.then you will get the more 4 options after click on customize option they are

  • edit team name
  • edit players
  • edit kit
  • edit logo.

From the above 4 options, you have to select the edit kit option. After that you will get another options they are

  • select kit
  • number font
  • type
  • trim

From the above options, you have to click on the download option to get the kit

Dream League Soccer Players

This is the main important thing to play the Dream League Soccer Game why because, from this only you can play the DLS game. in this you have the many teams now we are going to d he players in the dream league soccer kit.

How To Select The Players In The Dream League Soccer Kit

We have 11 players in this DLS game that eleven players have their own positions in the ground. If you want to change the positions of your team players you can change the position by following my simple steps.

First step for change the positions of your team players is you have to open the “TEAM MANAGEMENT” option.

Then you will get the two teams from that you can select any team what ever you like. You can know the players name from that team list and also you can give the positions to them .

Now every one can easily play the dream league soccer game after giving the positions to them.if you want to edit the position of the players you can edit easily by following steps.


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