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Rocket League Trading – Rocket League Prices List For All Items

Rocket League Trading – Rocket League Prices List For All Items

Here in this article to help the every player to know the latest Rocket League Prices of all items in game, and here we show the full Rocket League prices list for crates, wheels, cars, trails, mystery decals, goal explosions, RLCs items, toppers etc., basis of the trading and resources from all over the Internet.

The list we provided here will be updated continuously so remember to check back for the up to date prices.

Rocket League Prices List For All Items

About Rocket League

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. Rocket League is the hit sports game where there are rocket-powered cars in various ballgames has a variety of hip decorations for the player’s vehicles.

This game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. This game is available for different platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, OS X and Xbox One. On this game with the trading system players can buy items.

In many other game to get items real currency or in-game currency is required but for Rocket League game you can get items by keys and crates.

Game Details:

Game Name: Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Publisher: Psyonix

Languages: English

Platform: PlayStation 4

Genre: Racing Games

Release Date: Jul 7, 2015

Rocket League Item Prices

Item prices on Rocket League vary many factors. The major factors are

  • Popularity (how much people want the item), and
  • How new the item is (items from newly released crates are more expensive due to there being less on the market).

Prices also depend on other things such as available colour and certifications.

List of available colors

There are nearly 13 possible colors that a painted item can be available in. Not all painted items are available in all colors.

  • Black
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Cobalt
  • Crimson
  • Forest Green
  • Grey
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Saffron
  • Sky Blue
  • Titanium White

Item prices are worked out in Keys. Keys are the most stable form of currency in Rocket League and their value usually does not change.

Rocket League Trading

Before trading in Rocket League it is best to know an item’s value in keys, to make sure you do not get ripped off.

Here is a great guide to use so you know the value of items.

Rocket League Prices List for All Items

NoteKeep in mind, prices may vary depending on platform, and usually Xbox prices are around 30-50% higher than other platforms

All the prices are in Rocket League Keys which are worth approximately 1 US dollar.

Zomba | Titanium White$165.00 USD
Key | 10x$9.22 USD
Hexed$5.75 USD
FSL | Pink$3.00 USD
Haunted Hallows Crate | 35x$4.05 USD
Unicorn$3.00 USD
Halo | Black$3.00 USD
Halo | Crimson$3.00 USD
Halo | Purple$6.00 USD
Bundle | 2 Regular Discotheques$1.04 USD
Looper | Pink$3.13 USD
Discotheque | Lime$3.13 USD
Cauldron | Orange$3.13 USD
Bundle | Selling 215 keys$250.00 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 24x$4.50 USD
Key | 100x$95.00 USD
Key | 50x$47.50 USD
Key | 25x$23.75 USD
Key | 15x$14.25 USD
Key | 10x$9.50 USD
Key | 5x$4.75 USD
Key | 2x$1.90 USD
Key$0.95 USD
Calavera$0.80 USD
Bundle | RLCS 3 decal pack$6.99 USD
Shadow Witch$0.75 USD
RLCS (Octane)$7.00 USD
Bundle | cobalt cauldron bundle$4.98 USD
Key | 50x$44.00 USD
Key | 50x$44.50 USD
Key | 50x$45.00 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 4x$1.00 USD
Nitro Crate | 50x$10.00 USD
Nitro Crate | 20x$4.00 USD
Nitro Crate | 10x$2.00 USD
Nitro Crate | 5x$1.00 USD
Bubbly$25.00 USD
Nitro Crate | 5x$1.00 USD
Champions Crate 4 | 20x$10.00 USD
Champions Crate 4 | 10x$5.00 USD
Champions Crate 4 | 2x$1.00 USD
Champions Crate 3 | 15x$2.00 USD
Champions Crate 1 | 28x$4.00 USD
Champions Crate 1 | 21x$3.00 USD
Champions Crate 1 | 14x$2.00 USD
Champions Crate 1 | 7x$1.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 160x$20.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 80x$10.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 40x$5.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 8x$1.00 USD
Parallax$6.50 USD
Looper | Lime$8.00 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 24x$4.50 USD
Saptarishi | Titanium White$14.00 USD
Party Time$14.50 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 30x$5.50 USD
Key | 5x$4.50 USD
Key | 10x$9.00 USD
Roulette | Crimson$6.80 USD
Bundle | Keys, ítems and tires$11.815USD
Bundle | 6 WHEEL BUNDLE!!!$3.99 USD
Key | 1x$1.00 USD
Key | 1x$1.00 USD
Fireworks$3.50 USD
Key | 5x$5.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 7x$1.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 24x$3.00 USD
Vampire Bat$9.50 USD
Hallowtide$1.00 USD
Haunted Hallows Crate$3.00 USD
Arachnotenna$0.75 USD
Hexphase$2.50 USD
Roulette | Crimson$6.80 USD
Vampire Bat$9.50 USD
Jager 619 RS | Forest Green$6.25 USD
Mantis | Crimson$3.99 USD
Mantis | Titanium White$5.25 USD
Draco | Black$12.50 USD
Draco | Sky Blue$31.99 USD
Apex | Orange$26.99 USD
Bundle | Striker Heatwave$32.99 USD
Champions Crate 4 | 10x$4.99 USD
Animus GP$3.00 USD
Fireplug$1.25 USD
Champions Crate 1 | 10x$1.99 USD
Draco$0.99 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 10x$1.99 USD
Player’s Choice Crate | 25x$5.00 USD
Accelerator Crate | 10x$1.99 USD

This is a guide I will be constantly updating for Rocket League prices and if you guys want to help me out with new items and stuff feel free to message me or comment.


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