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The Best League of Legends Top Champions (Garen And Nasus)

The Best League of Legends Top Champions (Garen And Nasus)

Are you a fan of games? Do you like playing League of Legends Game? Are you searching for best League of Legends Top champions? if you are searching for this, then you are on the right page. Currently in this article we are providing short info on league of legends top champions Garen and Nasus.

League of Legends Top Champions

Best League of Legends Top Champions

Garen – The Might of Demacia


Garen is naturally tanky, his W gives him bonus defensive stats. Garen’s passive performance allow him to regenerate health much faster than other champions, which means you can stay in the lane longer. But he can also hold a lot of damage, especially if you are able to chain your offensive abilities together.

  • Q-Decisive Strike: This is a big smack with Garen’s really big sword. This strike silences enemy champions and stops them from being able to cast spells for a few moments, and gives you an advantage in duels. This strike also removes all slows from Garen, and this speed him up for a few seconds, so it’s quite useful for getting out of a tricky situation.
  • W-Courage: This passively gains armour and magic resist every time you kill a unit, making Garen’s W worth around 600 gold in stat bounces. When it is activated it reduces incoming damage and allows Garen to escape form stuns and snares faster than normal.
  • E-Judgement: Garen sins very fast, dealing damage to everyone nearby uo to 10 times. It is useful for dueling as enemies find it difficult to escape, and also for killing lat=rge groups of minions quickly.
  • R-Demacian Justice: Garen brings a sword down on his opponent, dealing extra damage for all the health they’re missing – a few characters use this ‘Execute’ technique, but none so powerfully as Garen.

Garen’s innate tankiness makes him a good champion and helps you to navigate the often-isolated top lane. Garen struggles against ranged champions, but if you manage his kills well he can hold his own against most melee champions. There are not many characters in LoL who can withstand the repeated use of Decisive Strike and Judgment, and it doesn’t take long to whittle your opponents down to a point where you can finish them off with your ultimate.

There are 2 items that are perfect for Garen. They are Sunfire cape and Black Cleaver. Sunfire cape deals with magic damage to enemies around you every second and the Black Cleaver lowers your opponent’s armour by up to 24%. These both synergise perfectly with Garen’s E, and are crucial items for almost any build.

Nasus – The Curator of the Sands


Nasus can be played in a variety of ways. Same like Garen, he is naturally quite tanky and he can be built ability power (AP) or attack damage (AD) as well. His passive, Soul Eater, gives him life steal for free, also allowing him to stay in lane longer.

  • Q-Siphoning Strike: You can kill a unit with this ability and it gets permanently more powerful. So it is great for learning how to last-hit because as well as gold they now grant you direct power.
  • W-Wither: It is a massive slow, enabling Nasus to have huge impact on team fights if he can get close enogh to his targets to use it. This sinergises well with all of Nasus’ other abilities, and also allows him to work well with his team mates.
  • E-Spirit Fire: this is big area effect spell and you can use for multiple purposes-zoning enemies away, killing minions, or using as consistent damage in a fight.
  • R-fury of the Sands: Nasus grows in size and gains health, and makes his ultimate useful in both offensive and defensive situations. It also allows him to cast his Q more often, making hime a potent threat in teamfights.

There are two popular ways to play Nasus. One is focusing on his magic damage, using his E, Spirit Fire, to chip away at your enemies’ health before moving in for the kill. The second is by farming up his Q, a late-game tactic that sees you become more powerful over time.

For this it makes items like Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force and they are very important for Nasus. The both items provide Nasus with cooldown reduction (CDR), which lets him cast his spells more often, but also mana, letting him cast more of them, too. They also provide other bonus, such as empowering auto-attacks or granting extra armour.


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