The Best League of Legends Support Champions

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Best League of Legends Support Champions

Best League of Legends Support Champions

Leona – The Radiant Dawn

Leona is one of the best league of legends support champions. Leona is best only by Nautlius in the amount of CC built into her kit, which makes her excellent at starting fights, but also at looking after her ADC. Her shield also means she is able to wade into a battle with minimal personal risk.


  • Q-Shield of Daybreak: Leona strikes an enemy with her shield, stunning them for a short time. When combined with her E, this shield gives her an excellent way to lock down a single target, but she can also use it to allow her team-mates time to move away from damage.
  • W-Eclipse: Leona grants herself a shield, and reduces incoming damage by boosting her stats. Again it is used with her E, it lets Leona get into the fight without getting into too much trouble.
  • E-Zenith Blade: Firing a skillsot, Leona dashes to the last target hit and stuns them. This is an important part of her kit and is a big part of allowing Leona to engage fights.
  • R-Solar Flare: Leona calls down a solar flare, stunning enemies caught in its center and slowing those on the outside. This is a useful tool for starting fights, peeling carries, and also zoning areas of the map off to help escapes.

Leona comes form tanky, CC heavy a brand of support. She can get involved in a fight, but you should be careful not to go too far, too fast. Engaging without a team of back you up is a sure-fire way to get yourself killed very quickly.

You also need to remember that part of your job as a support is to look after your ADC, so it’s important to know that a big engage might benefit your team initially, but also puts you a long way from your carry. Always look to assess the danger to your team before jumping on the first badly positioned enemy.

Any part of supporter’s job is helping supply vision to your team and denying it to the enemy. All champions should buy and place control and trinket wards, but anyone playing support should also at the very least have a Sightstone and a Hextech Sweeper. The kit of Leona demands that you make her tanky, so a Locket of the Iron Solari is good for buffing her stats while also granting her and nearby allies a shield when activated. You also want a Face of the Mountain, and item that builds out of starting item Relic Shield, providing health, sustain, and money to you and your carry.

Janna – The Storm’s Fury

janna is one of the best league of legends support champions.She has little bit of everything built onto her kit. Heals, shields, knockups, knockbacks, slows, buffs and even speed boosts. In fact, the only thing she doesn’t have is a stun, but her sheer versatility makes her an excellent support, as she does have to take care not to get caught out.


  • Q-Howling Gale: Janna writs a whirlwind that moves in a target direction, knocking up all enemies it passes through. This means that it’s good for starting a fight, but also useful for making a hsty retreat.
  • W- Zephyr: this allows Janna to slow an enemy by up to 80%, allowing allies to either escape or chase targets down.
  • E-Eye of the Storm: She grants a shield to herself, her allies, and even allied towers, absorbing damage but also boosting their attack damage while the shield holds. This is especially used in sieges, as it allows Janna to hold towers, but also to hel her allies take them faster.
  • R-Monsoon: She stays in place, knocking back all enemies in a large area around her. While she stands still, allies in that area also heal over time. Monsoon is a powerful tool and it is able to turn around team fights by inhibiting enemies while simultaneously helping out allies, but it does require Janna to sand still while it channels, putting her at risk if she is in the wrong position.

Janna also occupies the other school of supports. She is much softer than Leona, but the diversity offered in her kit allows her protect allies better than almost any other support. Peeling for a carry means making an effort to look after them when enemies close in, and the wide ranging amount of tools at Janna’s disposal make her excellent at this.

She can protect and can also help allies chase down enemies. She is very fast and passes that speed boost onto her team when they are moving towards her. Her Q and W offer ways to stop an enemy in their tracks, and you can then buff an ally by granting them shields whittle down enemies faster.

Sightstone and Locket are the 2 good items on Janna, but you might also want to look into Frost Queen’s Claim, which grants Janna an extra slow. Wisp is another option as it gives extra damage to allies when Janna heals or shields them, adding a further buff to her E.


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