The Best League of Legends Mid Champions (Annie And Morgana)

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League of Legends Mid Champions

Best League of Legends Mid Champions

Annie – The Dark Child


Annie is one of the best league of legends mid champions. Annie realizes a lot of what it is to be a mid laner. For minimal mobility strong crowd control and high burst-magic are the payoffs. But good timing and target selection can swing entire games in Annie’s favour.

  • Q-Disintegrate: Annie fires a firebolt at an enemy. If she kills enemy, then she refunds the mana cost and half of the cooldown immediately. This means that Annie isn’t as dependent on mana as many of her mid lane counterparts, as long as she’s clever about when she chooses to attack her opponents.
  • W-Incinerate: Annie fires out a cone of fire, and able to hit large groups of enemies at once. Timing this with her passive, it gives Annie a stun on every 5th ability cast, and can give Annie access to two team-wide stuns if she can chain it with her ultimate.
  • E-Molten Shield: Using this Annie wraps her in a shield of flame, and reduces damage taken and deals damage to characters that basic attack Annie while her E is active. Molten shield is very useful for helping Annie to protect herself in a lane and also help her to stack her passive.
  • R-Summon Tibbers: Summoning a huge, demonic version of her teddy bear, Tibbers, Annie does a burst of damage, before dealing consistent damage to nearby enemies throughout the 45 seconds tibbers is active. Tibers’ AoE damage and relative tankiness means that he is a very useful introductory pet, easier to use successfully than Yorick’s Maiden or Shaco’s clone.

The crowd control of Annie makes her very good at starting team fights. If you once used four spells, then you will have charged up a stun that activates on the next damaging spell you cast. This means that you can use Disintegrate or Incinerate to stun enemies, and then immediately drop Tibbers on them, starting the fight with a huge amount of burst damage. Annie’s long range and high CC make her good at starting fights, but be careful if she gets caught out she only has her Molten Shield to protect her, and no real means to escape.

To get the most out of Annie’s damage, you need to build as much Ability Power (AP) as possible. To build this you have to pick up Rabadon’s Deathcap, and this gives you lots of AP by itself, but then also increases your total AP by 30%. You can also build items like Luden’s Echo, for extra burst and splash damage, or void staff to counteract.

Morgana –Fallen Angel


Morgana is one of the best league of legends mid champions. Morgana is a utility mage. Morgan’s appeal is that she has a few extra tools at her disposal that make her great for the mid lane. It’s part of why she’s a viable support champion, but due to her high magic damage, for this list we’re classing her in the role she was initially released in.

  • Q-Dark Binding: This is the 1st enemy unit hit by this spell and can be rooted in place for up to 3 seconds, which is an eternity in LoL. This allows Morgana to be an important part of starting fights in the late game, as long as she can bind a weak target.
  • W-Tormented Soil: Morgana casts a small AoE spell that damages everyone who stands on top of it. Tormented soil can be used alongside Dark Binding to deal large amounts of damage to enemies unable to move away from damaging area, making this a simple but effective combo to pull off.
  • E-Black Shield: This black shield makes Morgana’s allies immune to crowd control and absorbing magic damage while it holds. Morgana can also cast it on herself if she’s caught out, and while it requires fast reflexes to use successfully, it’s a powerful spell to have on your team.
  • R-Soul Shackles: this soul shackles teaches a few things. First, timing- you can only use Morgana’s ultimate when enemies are nearby, making sure you can’t completely mess it up. Second, positioning- Morgana is most effective when she can damage and stun multiple targets with her ultimate, which means being in the thick of the action. Finally, activatable items – most of LoL’s items are passive, automatically granting boosts to your stats. Some, like Zhonya’s Hourglass and Hextech Protobelt, are very useful when used with Morgana’s ult.

The key to Morgana are good aim and quick reflexes. You will need to hit enemies with her dark binding in order to get the most of her kit, and quickly following up with Tormented Si=oil to maximize the damage you deal. You will also needs to make sure you react quickly when your allies are in danger, rooting enemies with your Q, or shielding allies with Black Shield tokeep them safe.

The items like Zhonya’s Hourglass and Hextech Protobelt can be used effectively with Morgana’s ult. The Probelt dashes you forward a short distance, and get you within a range of your enemies while also dealing a little bonus damage. Once you have cast your ultimate, you will want to activate Zhonya’s, freezing you in place for 2.5 seconds. During the freeze time, you can’t move but you also can’t take damage. So, you are safe even if you are right in the middle of the enemy team.

You have to trust your team. Morgana works best when she’s with friends who can capitalize on her long stuns, and also back her up when she engages. Make sure you communicate well before committing with your ultimate because you don’t want to be surrounded by enemies when the stuns wear off.


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