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Dream League Soccer Tips – 6 Useful Tips That You Have To Try

Dream League Soccer Tips – 6 Useful Tips That You Have To Try

Hello DLS Gamers!!…Welcome back to our website. Now in this post, we are providing you latest update of Dream league Soccer tips. Here in this article, we are providing 6 useful tips of DLS that you have to try.

Dream League Soccer Tips

Dream League Soccer is one of the most popular football games. This game can be played on smartphones of OS android and iOS. You can install this game from Google Play Store or from Apple iTunes store. This game was developed by First Touch Games. The game has excellent ratings and many people have downloaded this game on their devices. Dream League Soccer game is most popular because of its stunning graphics and gameplay.

DLS game is very interesting as this game allows you to create your own dream team. You can create your team by selecting real FIFPro players. There are 6 divisions in this game. The game allows you to participate in competitions and leagues and by winning the matches you can reach the top position of the game. At the begging of the game you will be a manager of the game and you will be able to play game in training mode. The game asks you to select you any of the players as your team captain. By playing game in training mode you can train your players in a way that they can compete in matches.

DLS game has many interesting features and stunning graphics. The game allows you to change players, change team logo, player’s kits and many more. You can earn coins in this game by watching videos or by playing game. There are many tips and tricks to make the game play interesting. Here we are providing some DLS tips which you should try. Follow these 6 Dream league Soccer tips.

6 Dream League Soccer Tips

  • Improve Your Stadium
  • Promotion
  • Find New Players On The Transfer Market
  • Develop Your Players
  • Put Your Players In The Right Position
  • Watch Videos To Get Free Coins

Improve Your Stadium

Improve your stadium is one of the best tips of Dream League Soccer game. Improve your stadium in the game is must in order to get promoted faster. There will be a requirement on the capacity needed to reach the higher league. Use your coins wisely in the game to improve your stadium capacity so you can get promoted. The improve of your stadium will benefit you a lot because the bigger the capacity, the bigger the number of coins that you will get each time you play a match at home.


Promotion is another great tip of Dream league Soccer game. To get promotion on the DLS game, you need to be at the top of the league. For every season in the game there will be a promotion for the team to reach the top position till the end of the season. But to get promoted, first you need to upgrade your stadium capacity so that you can get promoted to a higher level. You cannot get promoted unless you fulfill the improving your stadium requirement.

Find New Players On The Transfer Market

This is another cool tip for DLS game. If you want to get new great players then transfer market is the best place to find the new players. There are so many players in Dream League Soccer. By visiting the transfer market in DLS game you can get best players in the world and the top players Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo can be added to your team. But, the players are really expensive so don’t buy a player because they are big name players. It’s better to buy players with good stats but has a lower price.

Develop Your Players

Develop Your Players is the good tip of DLS game. Using this tip you can improve the abilities of your player. You can develop your players in the game in Player Development section. To develop your players 50 coins have to be spent to increase the development of players for each session. This is very expensive and it will take a long time but you will feel great if you have a good player in your team.

Put Your Players In The Right Position

This is another essential tip for DLS game. There is a need to place your players in the right position for every match. By putting the players in the right position will affect the performance of your players. During the gameplay you will see the icon become red if the player is not in the right position. So, make sure to use the formation that suits all of your players.

Watch Videos To Get Free Coins

This is another amazing tip for DLS game. On DLS game by watching videos you can get free coins. By watching videos you can get a lot of coins for free. To get free coins on the game choose to get coins on the DLS game which is yellow color. By watching a video you will get 30 coins at a time.

So, these are the Dream League Soccer 6 tips that you should try. If you have any queries regarding this post, please comment below. Follow our site for recent updates. Thank you for visiting our site LeagueTeamUpdates.

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