The Fight Between The Avengers And The Justice League

Are you a fan of comics? If you are a comic reader of Justice League and The Avengers, then this article suits you. If you want to know the fight between the Avengers vs Justice League, then take a look on this article. Here in this article we are providing the world’s most debated topics: Marvel vs DC Comics, “The Avengers” vs “The Justice League”.

The Avengers vs The Justice League
Avengers vs JusticeLeague

The Avengers and Justice League are the popular comics and they are read by many people. For all their raises a question who wins in both the comics. Everyone has their own opinions, but to settle this once and for all let’s put them head to head and down the facts. No special suits or abilities or situations are not the norms for that hero. The hero from each team who is most similar to the other fighting is based on the comics. The winner gets the title of “Best superhero team” and the other one gets known as the other team’s bitch.

The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. This comic is labeled as “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and the Avengers originally consisted of Ant-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the Wasp. Justice comic is a 12-issues American comic book limited series and it is published by DC Comics. This story revolves the superhero team known as the Justice League of America.

Avengers vs Justice League

Who would win a fight, the Justice League or The Avengers? This question has been lauded through=out comic book history as Marvel fans, DC fans, and everyone in between goes head to head on the topic, with carefully thought out arguments and calculations.

In case of complete cosmic strength the Justice League typically outnumber the Avengers but we have long known that strength is not the only way to win a battle. he question has been raised in the DC/Marvel comics too, and more than once have the two teams gone head to head with each other.

DC vs. Marvel

1996’s DC vs. Marvel was a limited comic series which saw the brothers set up duels between various superheroes from the two comic book universes to determine who was superior, with whichever universe lost the battle ceasing to exist. The outcome of some of the main battles of the comics are determined by readers voting though, so it’s a tricky one to call.

Individually Marvel has won the most battles, but there were many external circumstances affecting them ans some, like the fight between Batman and captain America, and they could be counted as draw. On the end, no one universe was destroyed, as the Marvel and DC teamed up to combine and then separate the two again, putting everything back to normal.


The event JLA/Avengers of the early 2000s is perhaps the biggest DC/marvel crossover event yet, and is also involved every superhero who had ever been a member of either the Avengers or the Justice League.

The powerful DC alien Krona starts destroying universes in a search for knowledge of their creation, and he is challenged by Marvel’s Grandmaster to a contest to save the Marvel universe. Grandmaster says that he will give Krona the knowledge he is looking for if he can defeat him in a game. The game began as a battle between the Justice League and the Avengers in a ‘capture the flag’ type race.

The heroes from each teams are trained into participating, both believed the other to be in the wrong. The Avengers thing that the JLA are fascists, while the JLA believe the Avengers to be incompetent rulers. The aim of the game is to find twelve powerful items from each universe which have been hidden around their worlds; but the twist is that, unbeknownst to them, if the Avengers win, their universe will be the one to be destroyed.

Following a cool epic Batman and Captain America battle and team-up, they realize the twist and fix it so the game ends in favor of the Justice League. But Krona is not happy about losing the game, and ends up creating a new multiverse in which all the superheroes coexist.

Eventually both the superheroes of Avengers and the JLA team up to defeat Krona, and when all is set and done the two universes are returned to normal, and the Avengers and the Justice League join together and make up. The comic ends with a happy ending.

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